Apr 042019

Observers of Trent Lakes Council are concerned by the apparent grid lock that is currently splitting Council into two very well defined voting blocs.

There are three councilors, a deputy mayor and a mayor on Trent Lakes Council. Since the new Council was sworn in last November a quick perusal of Council minutes will show that on most issues the Council splits 3-2 with the Councilors Armstrong, Letto and Lambshead voting as a united bloc against Mayor Clarkson and Deputy Mayor Windover. That is clearly not a recipe for much useful legislation passing.
The Promoter spoke to Mayor Clarkson about the issue, and she said “she really didn’t know the reasons for the split but was hopeful as time moved on Council would become more united.”

Clarkson says she “owns part of the problem as she is too impatient at times.” She says that a lifetime spent as an owner/operator of a number of small businesses has made her “very task orientated”. She feels that, “I still have things to do and there is too much red tape at the municipal level.” Clarkson laments the split between staff and Council that leads to “studies, studies, studies” and “no one is ready to make a decision.” The Mayor shared “that you can build a case for or against almost anything and all you do is end up wasting time.” Clarkson was saddened “that the fear of making a wrong decision frightens some people out of taking any action.” Clarkson said that Council’s job was “to gather the best information we can and move forward.”

Clarkson also suggested that with new Mayor, two new councilors and a new CAO that everyone is just getting comfortable with their new responsibilities, and “she is hoping it will improve by summer.”

Clarkson suggested that unity could be achieved “if Council had a project.” Clarkson suggested a possibility that she has been thinking about for a while, a new library for Trent Lakes. Clarkson would like to see the building have space for the local Historical Society to be able to display and for a meeting space that community groups could use moving forward.

Clarkson said it is time for Trent Lakes “to be brave” and see what could be achieved to benefit the people of the Township.

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