Jan 202019

Every February, more than 77,000 Heart and Stroke Foundation volunteers go door to door in Canada, raising money to support life saving research.  The Foundation hopes you might find some time to assist them this year.

he Heart and Stroke website details the joys and frustrations of canvassing for this very worthy cause by detailing the experiences of Rich Mingus, a team captain, who is responsible for ten other canvassers in Delta, B.C.

Rich is a heart surgery survivor, and for the last ten years has been trying to give back and help others with the illness that almost took his life.

Rich spreads his door to door commitment over a fifteen day window in early February.  Every canvasser is provided with an excellent package by the Heart and Stroke Foundation that includes everything they will need.

Regardless of how much money he raises, Rich stressed that the personal contact with people door to door is very satisfying.  At one house he met another heart disease survivor who donates by mail every year.  They chatted for over 30 minutes about their experiences and the important work done by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Even on days where he raises very little, Rich tries to put his efforts into perspective.  He meets a lot of interesting people and continues to work on improving his personal fitness as he goes from house to house.  At one home a woman not only donated, but promised to canvas for the Foundation next year.

Many canvassers also set up an on-line presence through the Heart and Stroke Foundation website where people who weren’t home when they knocked can donate based on information left by Rich courtesy of a pamphlet left at every vacant house.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation encourages canvassers to visit each home on their route twice if no one responds at the initial visit,  and Rich shared the story of an $80.00 donation that came from a home that was empty the first time he visited, but occupied when he visited the second time.

Most of the money needed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation is raised during their door to door/on-line campaign in February.

If you can help canvass, do not be afraid to contact your local Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Depending upon where you live in the Promoter catchment area, phone either the Durham office at 905-666-3777, or the Peterborough office at 705-749-1044.

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