Know Your Enemies

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Jul 272019

Canadians wait eight to nine miserable months a year to enjoy the pleasures of being outside in the late spring and the summer.  Unfortunately, as soon as the snow disappears and the warm weather arrives, those Canadians who wish to spend time outside have to deal with the Four Horsemen of the Insect Apocalypse.  Mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies and horse flies exist solely to drive Canadian lovers of the outdoors to distraction on a seasonal basis. Continue reading »

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Palliative Care Lacking for Cancer Patients

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Mar 032019

The Canadian Cancer Society believes that critically ill Canadians are “falling through the cracks in palliative care across Canada.”
The Society describes palliative care in Canada as “costly and inconsistent”, and has set a goal for cancer patients needing palliative care. The CCS would like to see “dying cancer patients spend their final days with dignity, free of pain, and in a setting of their own choice.” Continue reading »

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General Motors Closing A Major Loss To CKL

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Nov 272018

There is seldom a good time to find out your job has been eliminated. A month before Christmas is about as bad a time as that news could ever be delivered.
Close to three thousand salaried and management employees at the Oshawa General Motors facility found that as of December 2019 their plant had no new car to manufacture. Continue reading »

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