Summertime Activities 3 – Get Paddling

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Jul 272019

Few outdoor activities are more quintessentially Canadian than canoeing.  Canoes, in their many shapes and forms, are older than Canada itself.

There are three very different kinds of craft that are associated with canoeing in Canada.  There is the bark covered canoe of the First Nations peoples, later shared with early explorers, fur traders, lumbermen and settlers.  Then there is the skin covered kayak of Canada’s Inuit peoples, its covered hull much more protective of the paddler while plying the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean. Last there are the massive dugout canoes almost exclusively used by the First Nations peoples of Canada west coast that were capable of long distance ocean travel. Continue reading »

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Summertime Activities 1 – Get Riding

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Jul 272019

With the arrival of the nice weather it is time for the residents of Kawartha Lakes to go outside and get active.

One of the easiest ways to get active for those of all ages is bicycling, and Canada has had a long love affair with bicycling since the two-wheeler arrived in Montreal in 1868.  Albert Lane brought the first bicycle to Canada, and that lone bicycle would soon be followed by thousands of others, largely manufactured in the United Kingdom. Continue reading »

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Celebrating Doctors’ Month in Ontario

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May 282019

Most Ontarians have a close and very important relationship with their family doctor. If you are lucky enough to have a primary care physician in some isolated parts of Ontario you consider yourself indeed fortunate. If you are without a family doctor, that can be a significant cause for stress and worry. Continue reading »

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Kawartha Lakes Arts Council Asks For Action

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Mar 232019

Dianne Lister, Chair of the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council, and Susan Taylor, Executive Director of the Kawartha Lakes Art Gallery, made a joint deputation to the Council on March 19 calling for preliminary action on a Cultural Centre Hub for CKL. Continue reading »

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Mayor Still Hopeful of Walmart Arrival

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Dec 192018

In a wide ranging end of the year interview with the Promoter on December 14, City of Kawartha Lakes Mayor, Andy Letham, addressed the question that is still on many consumers’ minds: the identity of the anchor tenant for the new retail space proposed fronting Highway 35 at Colborne Street in Lindsay. Continue reading »

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Letham meets with Ford

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Dec 192018

On December 10, 2018 Mayor Andy Letham of the City of Kawartha Lakes had a forty five minute meeting with Premier Doug Ford where areas of shared interest were discussed. Continue reading »

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Retail Cannabis Sales Likely Coming To The City

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Dec 192018

City of Kawartha Lakes CAO Ron Taylor and Senior Licensing Officer Alix Scarr shared a detailed presentation on the rules and regulations governing retail cannabis sales locations in the province of Ontario for Council consideration. Continue reading »

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Mayoral Campaign Getting Dirty

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Oct 092018

Over the last month, I have been taken aside by a number of locals who want to share with me something they “know” about one of the candidates for Mayor.  I assume they are sharing this “inside information” with me in the hope that I will write a story validating their uninformed speculations as truth. Continue reading »

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Three Challenge Letham

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Sep 252018

The voters in the City of Kawartha Lakes have four options for Mayor when they make their mark next month.  Andy Letham, profiled in a previous article, is running for re-election, and is being challenged by Peter Weygang, Gord James, and Brian Junkin. Continue reading »

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